Synkro’s Top 5 Library Music Records

Including selections from Bruton, the BBC and Music De Wolfe

The Album

Stream Gacha Bakradze’s New EP and Read the Stories Behind His Ambient-Pop Songs

Mr. YT
Brand New Day

Ambient-house rarities from the Japanese composer behind 'Metal Gear 2' and the cult series 'Souls'

Square Lines Share the Spellbound Lead Single From Their Apollo Debut, Transmissions Overseas

It's the beginning of a New Age


NE194: An Exclusive Lakker Mix

Made from raw samples

Stream Alex Smoke’s New Album and Read the Stories Behind Its Techno-Pop Songs

Discussed: Edward Snowden, pre-historical seaways, and prison songs from Mississippi

NE163: An Exclusive Mix By… Lakker

Featuring Aphex Twin, Arvo Pärt, The Caretaker, Sensate Focus and more

“Math Fall”

Synth-sprayed rhythms and skittish chitter-chatter from the R&S signing

Nadine Shah On…The Beauty of Repetition, Frida Kahlo, Philip Larkin, and More

LISTEN: Lone, “Airglow Fires (Daedelus’ Pacific Swing Remix)”

VIDEO: Trimbal, “Confidence Boost (James Blake’s Harmonimix Edit)”

DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Lone’s R&S Records Mix

DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Recent Mixes From James Blake and Pariah