Mi Ami

Damon Eliza Palermo
“River Drum”

An early look at the first proper ambient LP from the Magic Touch/Mi Ami alum

NE177: An Exclusive Ital Mix

The 60-minute set features previously unreleased material and a live take from his new Gang of Ducks EP

NE168: An Exclusive Mix By… Damon Eliza Palermo of Mi Ami and Magic Touch

Get lost in an ambient set featuring Grouper, Milford Graves, Boards of Canada, Vladislav Delay and more

Stream ITAL’s Endgame Album and Read His Commentary

"I'm not a very druggy guy, but I had been wondering what tripping and jamming would be like"

Stream Jonas Reinhardt’s Mask of the Maker Album and Read His Commentary

NE083: An Exclusive B2B Mix Featuring Ital, Bookworms and Steve Summers

THE SELF-TITLED INTERVIEW: Daniel Martin-McCormick of Ital/Mi Ami


TEST PRESSING: Stream Mi Ami’s Limited ‘Dolphins’ 12”