Black Rain

Orphan Swords Collide With Black Rain on New Black Swords Project

The Future of the Sun awaits

Orphan Swords, “Asmoday (Black Rain Remix)”

"The primordial appeal of drone, mated with walloping industrial metal percussion and a vocal loop"

Black Rain Announces Dark Pool, His First New Album in 18 Years

Did we mention Sean Young—everyone's favorite Replicant in 'Blade Runner'—makes an appearance on it?

Death Comet Crew, “Me Czar of the Magyars”

Members of Black Rain and Ike Yard reunite, channel the spirit of Rammellzee

Blackest Ever Black Announce New Tropic of Cancer Single, First Proper Black Rain EP Since 1996

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Blackest Ever Black’s Corsica Studios Mix

Blackest Ever Black Reveals Label Showcase Lineup in London, Featuring Vatican Shadow, Cut Hands, Br...

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