Prurient Reveals 7xLP Rainbow Mirror Set

Stream its lead 'single' here

Hospital Productions Announces 20th Anniversary Event Featuring Godflesh Performing Streetcleane...

Savor the Ambient and New Age Sounds of Dedekind Cut’s New $uccessor Album

Featuring Rabit, Angel-Ho, DJ Shadow, Active Child, Chino Amobi, and more

Sannhet’s Top 10 Albums

From familiar picks like Oneohtrix Point Never and Prurient to more obscure finds like Black Wing and 2814

Stephen Brodsky’s Top Music and Films, From Prurient to ‘Mad Max’

Regis’ Favorite Things, From Godflesh’s Reunion Tour to Julien Cope and Jarboe

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Plus check out a trailer for Prurient's new double LP, 'Frozen Niagara Falls'

La Monte Young, FKA twigs, PC Music and More Confirmed For Red Bull Music Academy’s Latest New...

Also: a Tri Angle takeover, Storm Rave revival, and gnarly noise show

Prurient, Clay Rendering, Lussuria and More Set For Euronymous Tribute

Mayhem's 20-year-old black-metal benchmark will also be played in full

Vatican Shadow Releases Digital Version of Death is Unity With God Box Set

Stream it via Spotify here

THE SELF-TITLED INTERVIEW: Dominick Fernow of Vatican Shadow, Prurient and Rainforest Spiritual Ensl...

"That turns me on—seeing that tension. And not in an antagonistic way. The audience is there to move."

Blackest Ever Black Mark Corsica Studios Showcase With Mood-Manipulating Mix

Richie Hawtin Invites Vatican Shadow, Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, Lee Gamble and More to Ibiza For EN...

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Releases Limited Cassette Collection, Readies Vinyl Reissue Through...

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