NHK yx Koyxen Channels IDM Era, Mika Vainio on DFA Debut

'Exit Entrance' is due out this fall

Delia Gonzalez’s Top 5 Western Films

"Clint Eastwood conveys so much intensity without saying a word; I wanted to create a soundtrack for this."

Factory Floor Reveal Jlin Remix, Tate Modern Collab With Philippe Parreno

Nik Void also made a Dazed mix

NE195: Gavin Russom Revisits NYC Roots With an Exclusive 345-Minute Mixtape

"These sounds were permission to just fucking get real despite whatever fears might arise in the process"

Gavin Russom Drops Live C//TY CLUB Set Through InDisarray

Slim Twig

"I thank mister Gainsbourg for yet another cosmic assist"

NE187: Larry Gus’ Exclusive Greek Mix

Presenting "The Truth Is Dying With Me - An Introduction To The Boy"

Eric Copeland Taps Panda Bear, Anthony Naples, Larry Gus and More For Remix EP

Hit all of Panda Bear's high notes here

Nancy Whang Discusses Her Disco-Punk Anthems With LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Holy Ghost!, The Juan Ma...

"It was all just for our own amusement. Never in a million years did we expect it to lead us where it did."

NE167: An Exclusive Mix By… Juan MacLean

A set celebrating "records that are dark, brooding, and don’t really go anywhere"

NE164: An Exclusive Mix By… Sinkane

"I’m still searching for my place in the world. I don’t think I'll find it. It’ll find me."

James Murphy Shares US Open Remixes

A steady dance pulse that picks up pace as one player takes the lead

New Order Sign to Mute Records, DFA Denies James Murphy Rumors

"In many ways joining the label feels like we are coming home, returning to our independent roots"

James Murphy Teams Up With IBM to Make 400 Hours of Music From the US Open

Fourteen free remixes and archived match music will also be available on Soundcloud,

The Rapture Break Up, Don’t Tell Anyone

"I kept thinking it might blow over, but that might not be the case"