Tor Lundvall Readies New Vocal Album, Posthumous John B. McLemore Project

Yes, THAT John B. McLemore

HIDE Announce Debut Album For Dais, Castration Anxiety

They're also on tour with ADULT. next month

Death of Lovers Announce Debut Album on DAIS, The Acrobat

Meanwhile, the boys' other band (Nothing) is already working on their next album for Relapse Records

Dais Records Presents an Exclusive Temple ov Psychick Youth Playlist

Combing the "anti-cult" archives of the Psychic TV project that included members of Coil and Current 93

Stream Youth Code’s Commitment to Complications Album and Read Their Track-By-Track C...

"I like to think that what we're doing is just as pivotal as what bands were going for back then"

Cold Showers

What happens when a horticulturist doesn't get his MTV

High-Functioning Flesh
“Mistakes Were Made”

Like their new label mates Youth Code, only a little less industrial and liable to start a circle pit

Scout Paré-Phillips
“Your Light”

One of Jack White's secret weapons gives us a taste of her Dais debut

Martial Canterel
“And I Thought”

Melancholic body music delivered with dollops of distortion + sawed-off sine waves from 1/2 of Xeno & Oaklander


A place that's powered by steam engines yet expressed through red-blooded riffs and industrial strength melodies

Stream Chris Brokaw’s ‘Now, Forager’ Score and Read the Former Come Frontman’...

A slow-burner driven by nylon strings and meditative guitar melodies

Stream David First’s Synapse-Frying ‘Electronic Works’ Compilation

Mannered classical music, this is not

Youth Code Reissue Debut Record, Announce Tour With AFI

Time to school the kids on the spirit of Skinny Puppy, Wumpscut and Coil

Dais On… Items & Things and Urashima Records

"These releases were little talismans of vile beauty only to be taken out in select company"

Dais Pillage Genesis P-Orridge’s Archives For Limited COUM Transmissions LP

Those Hawkwind fans never knew what hit them