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MONO Frontman Makes Us a Mix of Songs That Inspired Behind the Shadow Drops

Featuring Ben Frost, Boards of Canada, Portishead, DJ Krush, and more

Canon Blue Announces New Album, Lasso Yo, His First in Six Years

Stream its lead single here

Mogwai Wrap New Album With Dave Fridmann

It's their first LP without longtime guitarist John Cummings

William Basinski Shares Bowie Tribute

"For David Robert Jones" is taken from Basinski's new 'A Shadow in Time' album

Eluvium, Devendra Banhart Remix Hauschka On A NDO C Y

Drift alongside Eluvium's time-stretched "Stromness" take here

Stars of the Lid Working on New Album

Slowly but surely

Coliseum Distill Their Entire Discography

"At its best, I want a Coliseum record to be a part of someone’s life, hopefully in a way my favorite records have been such a huge part of my life"

Prefuse 73, Stars of the Lid Co-Founder Close TRL’s Travels In Constants Series

Stream their entries here


A tightly edited march towards a better tomorrow that may or may not be marred by the storm ahead

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Complete Discography

William Basinski
“Melancholia I”

Snippets of sound left to collect dust and decay for decades get rediscovered when they're needed the most

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 147: An Exclusive Mix By… Inventions, Featuring Members of Eluvium & Expl...

"[We] were fairly certain we were about to be killed or kidnapped"

LISTEN: Eluvium + Ira Kaplan, “Happiness”

Temporary Residence Reveals Limited William Basinski Box Set

Superchunk, Coliseum Cover the Misfits For Record Store Day 7”