Free Association

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"'Scarface'. 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'. Friendship/revenge/murder/heavy drinking/escaping fate/torture/singing dogs."

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"I compared it to escaping a burning house, alarms ringing, smoke filling the air, feeling the heat of the flames"

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"The more I thought about posse cuts, the more homoerotic they seemed to me, so I thought I'd play that up"

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"It was quite liberating to make music where I didn't have to worry about the best way to arrange it for the dancefloor"

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A Bay Area supergroup featuring former members of Blasted Canyons, Mayyors, and The Mall

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RIYL: Nils Frahm, Eno's ambient records, Ryuichi Sakamoto's film scores

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So THAT's why it references everything from 'Mortal Kombat' to Kenny G

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"People would not believe how many songs I've written while watching UFC fights. Dozens."

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"Guess who the song was written for? Yep—same girl. I may as well tell you her name; it was my first wife Jet."

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"Old dirty new wave" meets a dusty memory bank and hollow dub hooks

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When Autechre met Pharmakon

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"I like to think that what we're doing is just as pivotal as what bands were going for back then"

Thug Entrancer, Milton Melvin Croissant III Explain the Sci-Fi Songs of Arcology

Acid-techno Philip K. Dick would dig

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"Pure experimentation with no fixed aim in sight"