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Omar Souleyman Shares the Stories Behind His Syrian Techno Songs

"It’s a complicated situation"

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Discussed: Hong Kong high rises, abandoned parking lots, and monsters dancing in the middle of a forest

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A slow-burner driven by nylon strings and meditative guitar melodies

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Presenting a "personal view of dead romance and anti-dancefloor reversions" from the French underground

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Discussed: Snoop Dogg, lucid dreaming, Dire Straits, birthing pools, U2

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"I heard LA turnaround was a type of speed Bert and his band would take. Can anyone confirm this story?"

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Detroit techno, Buddhist temples and the highway scene from 'Solaris' all play a part in the producer's latest Dial LP

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Radiophonic references and flash-fried waveforms

Untold On…
Marina Rosenfeld

Read about Untold's album of the year, then stream it alongside the multi-medium composer's commentary

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"In all four corners, there are beautiful, dark-haired angels dancing and it's the best thing you ever saw"

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Definitely one for the Depeche Mode fans out there

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Black-lit techno with a beating heart driving its decidedly human hooks home

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"This is again about trying to be normal"

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Plus stream 'Cosmic Machine', featuring Bernard Fevre, Cerrone and 18 other French-touch pioneers

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Clicks and cuts meet little fluffy clouds as we set adrift on memory bliss