Free Association

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So THAT'S why some of it sounds like EDM, New Age, or 'Koyaanisqatsi'

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"The internet has created a platform to feel everything and nothing at the same time"

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"Looking at the images, especially the later ones, you get a sense of just how fragile these capital dreams are"

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"It’s a cold digital hell"

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"This is what happens when very uncool guys try to do free jazz: some fucking weird, end-of-the-world, dissonant, melting sax drone"

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"It's always about how much can I add before it just sounds too crazy"

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"This is what happens when you sit alone in the woods for a week and rewrite a happy song a thousand times"

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"Straight-up sonic sorcery!"

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A disc influenced by the DEA, aliens, implants, gun/drug trafficking, death threats, psychic/electric disturbances, and the dream police

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It started with a freaky Doug Aitken film

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"'Scarface'. 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'. Friendship/revenge/murder/heavy drinking/escaping fate/torture/singing dogs."

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"I compared it to escaping a burning house, alarms ringing, smoke filling the air, feeling the heat of the flames"

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"The more I thought about posse cuts, the more homoerotic they seemed to me, so I thought I'd play that up"