Free Association

Stream Regal Degal’s Not Now Album and Read the Stories Behind Their Songs

"Upon coming out of my stupor, I saw a bunch of triangular shapes faintly etched in the fabric of reality all around me"

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Discussed: mythical forests, nymphs, battlements, rockets and Romanticism

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Discussed: 'Hackers', power plants and Pink Floyd, functional joints, and why he loves/loathes repetitive dance music

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Like if someone hired Animal Collective or The Field to mix down an EDM album

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A late-night listen haunted by African highlife music, isolationist anthems and a vicious second-hand separation

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One of Planet Mu's strongest footwork releases, filtered through Holly Herndon, 'Black Swan' and 'Mommie Dearest'

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"Everything seems to go in slow motion as I watch them leave and collapse"

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Discussed: Thelonious Monk benders, Max Headroom, probiotic yogurt + more

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"This is the start of his discovery of new sceneries, new landscapes, new colors"

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The Danish producer explores the darker side of the dance floor with Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Nomi Ruiz and more

The Unicorns Share the Stories Behind Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

Stream the band's long overdue reissue in full, bonus tracks and all

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"I'm not a very druggy guy, but I had been wondering what tripping and jamming would be like"

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"Lyrically, it's inspired by feeling completely detached from my own life—watching myself lose control and observing the outcomes from afar"

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Posh Isolation's latest 12'' transmission is a slightly sinister collection of dub techno, inspired by 'Peter and the Wolf'

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"It feels like we'll never die"