Editors’ Picks

Alice Coltrane
Journey In Satchidananda

Five Rad New Records That Don’t Feature Drake

Including a Pampa compilation, F ingers solo debut, Brian Eno and more

Charlemagne Palestine
Strumming Music

Weaseling its way into your brain on the back of a strictly minimal framework that's both frustrating and invigorating

Jon Hopkins
The Art of Chill 2

Does anyone miss chill-out music?

Kanye West Cuts “No More Parties in LA” With Madlib, Kendrick Lamar

'Swish' indeed

Leila Abdul-Rauf

Like discovering a dark and dreamy record from the '80s era of 4AD

6 Records Worth Streaming This Weekend

Discussed: Stone Temple Pilots, Gap Dream, Nils Frahm, The Notwist, Deepchord + Ty Segall

ANOHNI Watches the World Burn With Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never

"I have grown tired of grieving for humanity," says the Antony and the Johnsons singer

“House of Bricks”
(Produced By E*Vax)

Yet another Ratatat collab we've been hearing about for years. Maybe it's time to finally release that album?

“A Beautiful Woman”

The former Dirty Projector finally wrapped her debut album for Anticon

(Feat. Kelley Deal)
“Blues Festival”

A song "cobbled, hashed and bashed it into existence" at R. Ring's studio

“Bird Matrix”

A 13-minute space odyssey, taken from the producer's upcoming 'DJ-Kicks' mix


A rapturous onslaught of elastic and domineering songs, co-piloted by Arca and The Haxan Cloak

Chastity Belt
“Time to Go Home”

Must-download music about "treating boredom with substances"

Alice in Chains
MTV Unplugged