Soundtrack of Our Lives

Chloé On… The Songs That Shaped Her

From Pink Floyd to Julius Eastman

Will Long On… The Songs That Shaped Him, From Grace Jones to Muslimgauze

"The whole shop could have been on fire and I probably would have thought it was beautiful"

Knxwledge On… The Songs That Shaped Him, From Mobb Deep to Gil Scott-Heron

"I probably could listen to this shit for the rest of my life and wouldn’t get tired"

The Bug On… The Songs That Shaped Him, From William Basinski to Wu-Tang Clan

"I did it as an escape, and in the hope that the volume would stop them from beating the shit out of each other"

Lee Bannon’s Favorite Records, From Silent Servant to Sade

"I'd like to become a myth"

Scuba’s Favorite Records, From Purple Rain to Powerslave

The Hotflush founder is also obsessed with Orbital, Bat For Lashes, Tom Vek and Tangerine Dream

Panda Bear’s Favorite Records, From Black Sabbath to the Beastie Boys

"I was over it. I just stood and held onto my father’s leg as people clapped."

Darkside’s Dave Harrington On… The Songs That Shaped Him

Everything from Nick Drake to D'Angelo

Clark On… the Songs That Shaped Him

Discussed: Everything from Pantera and Prince to Broadcast and Bach

LABEL OF THE MONTH: Burger Records

The curators of SoCal cool share their most prized LPs and singles, from "Weird Al" and XTC to R. Kelly and 'Raw Power'

Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham Discusses His Favorite Hardcore Records and Random Finds Like Guns ...

"I was probably just being a petulant teenager, but I still really believe that hardcore changes a person"

Optimo Discuss Their Favorite Records, From ‘Maggot Brain’ to Whitehouse

"I never really liked Ecstasy, as it made dance music I didn't like sound a thousand times worse"

Erol Alkan Takes Us on a Tour of His Record Collection, From Ministry to Manic Street Preachers

"I'd never seen moshing and wasn't quite sure what exactly was going on. But within weeks it all made sense."

Danny Brown’s Favorite Records, From Kid ‘N Play to Cabaret Voltaire

“I don’t really listen to music with my ears. I listen to it with my heart."

Peanut Butter Wolf Takes Us on a Tour of His Record Collection

"I was always happy to buy 45s with my lunch money when I was 9 or 10"